WE ARE BACK with amazing food trucks at most of our locations. Annapolis on Fridays is closed for the season.
Please wear a mask to make it SAFE for everyone!

Beef on the Street

Beef on the Street

Beef on the Street brings pit style beef and turkey along with some fantastic cheese steak subs. They also feature Tex Mex Bowls and some tasty tacos! Portions are king sized!

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Pit Sandwiches

Pit Beef or Turkey  | $8 Sandwich   $10 Sub
Pulled Pork or Chicken  | $8 Sandwich   $10 Sub

Served with our home made coleslaw

Grilled Subs

Cheese Steak or Chicken Steak  |  $8

Everything is Lettuce, Mayo, Tomato, Fried Onions and Hots
Your choice of American, Provolone or Cheddar Cheese

The Godfather  |  $10

Steak Grilled with Ground Italian Sausage, Green Peppers and Fried Onions. Topped with Marinara and Provolone Cheese

Surf and Turf  |  $12

Steak Grilled with Shrimp, Your Choice of Toppings and Cheese

Italian Sausage  | $8

Served with Grilled Peppers and Onions and your Choice of Mustard or Marinara

Pit Beef Melt  | $8

Pit Beef with Cheddar Cheese and BBQ Sauce


Make any Sandwich or Sub a Platter, Just Pick Any 2 Personal Sized Sides for $4

Tex Mex Bowls

Jalapeno Rice, Texas Caviar (Black Bean and Corn Salsa), Sour Cream, and Cheddar Cheese

Your Choice of Pit Turkey, Pit Beef, Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken  | $10


Fresh Cut Fries  | $3.50
Fresh Cut Fries with Gravy  | $4
Home Made Coleslaw  | $3.50
Baked Beans  | $3.50
Jalapeno Rice  | $3.50