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Diner on the Go

Diner on the Go

Fresh Twist on traditional Diner food.
Come see and taste what’s cooking, our menu changes, from a variety of flavors to light and hearty, from Pasta to Gyros, Salads, more. Not just a wrap or Sandwich! Vegetarian’s check us out you will be one of many pleased with our options.

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New England Style Lobster Roll  | $16

Served with slaw and Potato Salad

Baseball Crab Cake  | $15

Served with slaw and Potato Salad

Crab Quesadilla  | $12
Rosemary Beef  | $12

Served with Potatoes and Veggies

Lamb or Chicken Gyro  | $10
Philly Cheesesteak  | $10

Steak or Chicken

Chicken Veggie Wrap  | $10
Veggie Wrap  | $8
Hot Dog Combo  | $5