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Glazey Days Donuts

Glazey Days Donuts

The Gatdulas own the newly formed Glazey Days Donuts. Having their own doughnut machine allows them to create the dessert in assorted flavors. And they are sold in mini portions.

“When I say mini, (they’re) the size of a 50 cent piece. You could eat a lot of them,” Tracey Gatdula said. His wife does the baking while he handles the marketing and customer service. “We don’t buy anything by the bottle. … Everything is handmade. That makes a difference for the customer. It’s made with love.”

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Bite Sized Happiness

Regular Toppings include Cinnamon Sugar and Powdered Sugar

1/2 Dozen  | $3
1 Dozen  | $5
2 Dozen  | $9

Specialty Toppings

Choose from any of the following or create your own combination

1/2 Dozen  | $4
1 Dozen  | $7
2 Dozen  | $12

Maple Glaze
Chocolate Glaze
Chocolate Sauce
Apple Topping
Cream Topping
Almond Slices
Bacon Crumble
Rainbow Sprinkes
Mini Chocolate Chips
Graham Cracker Crumble
Bailey’s Cream Glaze

Vanilla Glaze
Apple Glaze
Strawberry Topping
Reese’s Crumble
Pecan Pieces
Reese’s Peanut Butter Sauce
Chocolate Sprinkes
Pretzel Crumble
Coffee Glaze

Try our Combos

Death by Chocolate
Strawberry Shortcake
French Toast
Coconut Cream
Almond Joy
Bailey’s Irish Coffee

Cinnamon Apple
Vanilla Sprinkes
Maple Bacon
Caramel Apple
Boston Cream
Reese’s Combo
Bavarian Cream
Cinnamon Rolly Polly

Hand Squeezed & Shaken Lemonade

Regular Lemonade 16 oz  | $3
Regular Lemonade 32 oz  | $5
Strawberry Lemonade 16 oz  | $4
Strawberry Lemonade 32 oz  | $6
Sweet Tea 16 oz  | $3
Sweet Tea 32 oz  | $5